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What is Workshop all about?

ALLEN Workshops are arranged to guide & prepare the students for National/ International Olympiads, to strengthen conceptual clarity in all subjects from early age. These also broaden the mindset of students to face the competition in the global arena along with enhancing their knowledge & sharpening their skills in the respective subjects. Workshops for NTSE, Junior Science (IJSO), NMTC and other Maths/Science related Olympiads are organised by ALLEN Career Institute Pvt. Ltd. in different parts of the country where students from across the nation participate.
We offer enrichment sessions for students to make them well aware of opportunities in the form of various National and International Olympiads and Conferences which shall give them exposure among their age group students nationwide.

Workshops are comprehensive yet simple-to match the potent of the students across the nation and are ever evolving to match the changing patterns of the competitive examinations.

Our Mission

We believe that knowledge is for all, and shall reach to them. India is rich of talent and so this talent should be optimally utilized to their highest academic potential, through our Workshops we try to reach out to the students in the various parts of India and provide them with better training and guidance for all the competitive examinations.

Our Vision

To provide better Guidance and Training for Various National and International exam to all the students of the nation who can't reach to us but have talent to reach heights.

Workshop System

Orientation Session

Orientation Session is our first introduction to students. The session aims to brief the Students about ALLEN Workshop and its target. We motivate them for their targeted exam and thereby guide them to prepare for the same in less time by complete focus to achieve.

Classroom Session

Classes are held in morning/evening sessions.
Separate Batches are made for different age groups.

Doubt Solving

Doubts solving is major part of Our Workshop. We organize doubt solving classes before & after every class for better understanding and clarity from the very grass root level. Doubt counters are arranged in a way that every topic is clarified, concepts are strengthened and confidence is boosted up by our experts via one to one interactions

Mock Test And Its Solution

Mock Tests are conducted in targeted exam format to give ample practice to the students, so that they learn to respond promptly to tricky questions within the defined time frame. After every test, Faculties arrange paper discussion; provide timely results and analysis for better scoring.


Mentoring is the USP of our workshops; we believe that talented students should be provided with proper and regular mentoring. Our experts keep in regular touch with students and provide them regular guidance, keep them updated.

Study Material

Detailed theory lessons for targeted competitive exam. Practice exercises which comprises of all questions of various national examinations and similar patterns.